• Food
  • Mixed Herb Salad

    Salads are healthy yet they can be very¬†satisfying and delicious. I like trying out new recipes and put something together from scratch. It is easy even you are tired. Today, I will share my recipe of Mixed Herb Salad. Made with 6 different herbs and colored with tomato, corn and cheese it is perfect for […]

  • Style
  • Fall Style

    Sometimes, getting dressed can be a challenge. Whether you have a enormous¬†closet or a capsule wardrobe¬†approach to dressing, we all occasionally get frustrated. The truth is building the perfect fall outfits¬†has less to do with having the right items but more to do with how to put them together. We all have stuff sitting in […]

  • Style
  • Necklace Layering

    Necklaces are a life changer when styling your look. I have a big pile of necklaces that I generally tend to wear alone. Lately I try to layer them to create interest to my outfits. Here I want to share some tips and tricks with you for varying styles and combinations that you might already […]

  • Design
  • Entryway Ideas

    The foyer or the entryway is where everything is connected to other rooms so essentially the veins of your home. It is also the first and last thing you see everyday. It gives the first impression about your house to your guests. Decorating an entryway can be exhausting like any other room, as it needs […]

  • Life
  • Accepting Yourself

    A disease will not differentiate age or gender. It can affect your whole life without making any exceptions. As I have been diagnosed with Reflux and Gastritis as early as in my early 20s I had to make several changes in my life. I have to endure people saying it cannot be me who is […]