Birthday Gifting

There is something about searching for the perfect gifts to give your best friends that is very cathartic.Gifts should always leave your friends laughing or feeling sentimental. The best way to make a gift look thoughtful is to take your friends’ interests or any inside jokes you may have with them into consideration. Book covers with […]

Starting Juicing

Juicing is a hot trend! After watching ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead’ which is about an obese with autoimmune disease who seeks out remedy in juicing, we decided to start juicing. We changed one meal or added it as supplements between meals. It turned out to be very delicious and we believe it also helped […]

Shopping Muse

Have you ever had this resistance to shopping? I am not talking about writer’s block. I am talking about the time when you did not want to buy anything. Why? Why does somebody not want to buy something considering they have a credit card available at hand, right?! This started happening to me more and more. Maybe […]


Some trends stay forever and some tend to lose its brightness really quick. One trend that stays within my closet for years is stripes. I reach over and over again for stripes. My brother asked me the difference between two black and white stripe T-shirts and you know what there is always an explanation. “One’s […]

Starting Out a Blog

So everyone is having their own blog. Some following personal and some following the path of professional blogging. The more you thought the more you convince yourself to share your thoughts with others. Why not? Everybody is doing it, right? Then comes the times you start on thinking topics like what should I write? Do […]