Starting Juicing

Juicing is a hot trend! After watching ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead’ which is about an obese with autoimmune disease who seeks out remedy in juicing, we decided to start juicing. We changed one meal or added it as supplements between meals. It turned out to be very delicious and we believe it also helped us boost our immune system.

I am not a nutritionist or doctor but there are some important things that our nutritionist advised us and wanted to share with you:

  1. If you consider switching one meal with juicing, support your body with other meals.
  2. Try as many green juices as you can. The ones with fruits usually means high sugar intake which is contrary to health benefits.
  3. Do not sit on it. It us recommended to take it in 24 hours when it preserves its nutrients.
  4. Use fresh ingridients to maximize nutrition intake.

What are you thoughts about juicing? Do you try it at home?

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