Shopping Muse

Have you ever had this resistance to shopping? I am not talking about writer’s block. I am talking about the time when you did not want to buy anything. Why? Why does somebody not want to buy something considering they have a credit card available at hand, right?!

This started happening to me more and more. Maybe I have put on some weight or I found myself I had any clothes that I have not worn yet in my closet. None the less, my shopping muse left me. It seemed to be good for my husband, hey monthly budget how is being positive, but shopping gives me joy and it was rough for me.

I turned to bloggers to catch some new season inspiration. Looked Pinterest and pinned some spring outfits. Piece by piece everything started to come back. I found a favorite color for 2016 spring, yeah I have one for every season, this time khaki for cargo jackets and pants. Then started pinning items from my favorite stores like Zara, Mango and looking for ways to wear them. The moreI pin and build myself a mood board the more my urge to start shopping grow. And boom? I made my debut with 6 new pieces in one day! Don’t make a girl wait there will be consequences they said!

Here is my mood board and some pins if you are looking for spring shopping inspiration. Hope you enjoy a joyful shopping spree.

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