Starting Out a Blog

So everyone is having their own blog. Some following personal and some following the path of professional blogging. The more you thought the more you convince yourself to share your thoughts with others. Why not? Everybody is doing it, right?

Then comes the times you start on thinking topics like what should I write? Do I really know this topic? Should I voice my decisions since I am not an expert? Also what if I get negative comments. People could be rude behind computers, it gives them this creeepy power. And what if my friends & family sees this post, it is not appropriate for family you know. The more you think the more you became scared by writing your personal thoughts.

Then after some more thinking, talking with the people you trust their opinions the most, you make your decisions to start. Then comes the decision to host your name on which site right? Should you buy the hosting and customize your site or go with a built-in site? If you are a beginner in blogging like me, you probably go with a built-in site, good decision. Yet more decisions await you. Which site? WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Blogspot… There are soooo many options. I decided to go with WordPress as I could obtain lots of help from my husband yet the decision is totally personal. I recommend what appeals to you and you could get the best support. You will need it along the way.

Then comes the decision of the style of your blog, the colors and theme. As you move along you find yourself looking at a blank project starting and teasing you to fill it with words. But where are the words? I had a million opinions in my head before and just starting the blog and looking in this draft page they all left me to another world. Maybe they left me for other bloggers in this huge decision making process. I don’t know. Let me sleep a few more days for an idea to come. Then it hit me the most that I spend a lot of my time dreaming of clothes, homes and stuff like that on internet. I should write about it since I enjoy it and this is a hobby project. Great and here comes the about me post for the blog and topics. That is great. Yet I still find myself in an empty space flying free-fall to find the first great post. You know what is wrong with the previous sentence. “Great”! Nothing has to be great. Great takes a lot of time. Before you know it you lose good since great puts so much stress on you and you start to have delusional nightmares. And then you decide to start on something that interests you for now, it was summer house for me since I already missed the summer and it will surely give my good dreams back. Then I start creating content, good pictures, useful links for my users and… life happens.  The time it took me to get to the blog was enormous since I was emotionally unavailable. I see that life could happen and you should always have a plan b and c post handy if something bad happens. Above all life, decisions and obstacles thing and if you were patient to tag along, I would like to welcome everyone to my blog. I hope life treats you well and you have beautiful days.

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