Some trends stay forever and some tend to lose its brightness really quick. One trend that stays within my closet for years is stripes. I reach over and over again for stripes. My brother asked me the difference between two black and white stripe T-shirts and you know what there is always an explanation.

  • “One’s stripes are bolder than the other.”
  • “I need them both you know.”
  • “One is more classic but the other goes with statement necklaces.”

I can reason my stripes anytime with anyone and love wearing them a million times. They match with anything, feel fresh, French and fairly easy to combine. One of the hardest things when I was moving was to decide which stripes to bring with me and which to say goodbye. Now I am looking for new additions to my closet for spring and new home.

Here are a few styles pulled together so you can look for inspiration:


ASOS Stripe Cami Dress with Eyelet Detail
Stripe Cami Dress
Stripe Sweater
Dillon-Fit Vertical Stripe Shirt
Vertical Stripe Shirt
'Perimeter' Stripe Romper
Stripe Romper
Bonded Twill Short in Horizontal Stripe
Bonded Twill Short
Jersey Top with Horizontal Stripes
Jersey Top
Striped Kent Collar Tunic
Striped Tunic
Cotton striped shorts
Cotton Shorts
Striped Black White Blazer
Striped Satin Blazer
Long Horizontal Stripe Slub Tank
Stripe Tank
Striped Maxi Dress
Long Sleeved Blue Shirt
Long Sleeved Shirt
Long Sleeve Stripe Swing Dress
Swing Dress
Riley-Fit Bold Stripe Shirt
Bold Stripe Shirt


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