Talking to Strangers in a Different Language

Everybody should leave their comfort zone in some point to self-accomplish themselves. This is what we hear from therapists and self-motivation books all the time. So I decided to let go of my fear in speaking a different language (for which I am comfortable with hearing and writing but not speaking) and decided to use it with people who I have no connection.

The first attempt was with my husband, he stood by my side and kicked out a sentence to cover me up. I got rusty since I did not use this language very often but the first attempt was not too bad except some ummss and ehmss. So next I went alone and talked with another stranger, an energizing hello goes a long way as I experienced. I asked a stranger whose native language is different for directions and a specialist about his job details.

As I progressed with my day, I felt better. I accept that not all conversations were pleasant yet if we put it in perspective not all conversations in your native language are nice either. So out of my comfort zone, out of my habits I say hi to all strangers. Feel free to drop comments and I will say an energizing “Hi” back.

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