Foodie or Junkie

Today most gatherings are shaped around cafes, restaurants and food courts. It does not matter if you are a teenage hanging out with friends in the mall or a mid-20 something going on a first date or a 40 year old enjoying their wine, you are probably in one of these. Hence comes the question are you a foodie or junkie?

The foodie is defined as having refined taste in food and beverages. enjoys food and related activities. Yet a junkie in terms of food is also a person who enjoys food very much, very very much that they cannot stop eating at a moment. The junk food junkie is especially emerging with easy to buy, pack and eat foods, racks after racks of chocolates, biscuits, chips and others laying all over markets.

I never defined myself as one or another until I realised there comes a time in your life you can define yourselves as both. Remember the bad break-up routine you had? The morning starting with chocolate to rise serotonin levels, the midday with chips and cookies and afternoon with chocolate chip banana ice cream. Yes I am referring to you junk food break up junkie queen.

And then there is the other you with all trending restaurants hopping and wine tasting events. The 4 course meals on the last super fusion restaurant with the smallest servings -because you do not need to be hungry to be there but to taste food and atmosphere- on the terrace level of a hotel.

So why cannot we be both? I believe in a world of multi-doing everything, this is the new thing = foodie and junkie combined in one perfect soul. And it’s ok! What’s your food personality? Foodie or junkie?

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