Monthly Book Challenge 1: The Girl on the Train

Hey all! I have been away for a month since I had a little surgery going on. I am fine and able to write and thought of starting a book challenge. I am a bookworm since primary school. My teacher once told my parents I read a lot and that can affect my studies. It didn’t effect anything fortunately but I still get a lot of relish from reading books, underlying them, making notes of sentences I love. Here is an outlet I express myself so what better way to share my love of books with you?

My first book is ‘The Girl On The Train’. It is a psychological thriller novel by Paula Hawkins who was in best seller list and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. They have a point making it on the best seller list, since it was one of the most captivating books. Once you start it you cannot leave it before figuring out what is happening.

Before more spoilers check it out here:

Also did you know they are filming it now? Oh and here is a photo of me reading it cover to cover 🙂

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