Parisien Chic

One style I am very excited is Parisian chic. You may have heard people say ‘She has a certain je ne sais quoi about her’  That describes Parisian girl style perfectly. Effortless yet stylish and charming style that people can’t stop attempting to emulate. If I have to break down this style I would think of stripe basics, foulards, a leather jacket and a solid pair of black booties. Here are some tips and tricks to copy the style:

  1. Wear flattering basics in natural colors: Choose clothes in black, navy or grey colors, because those colors tend to make you look more slimmer and will certainly flatter your figure. Consider adding the following pieces to your wardrobe:
    • LBD: The little black dress will go for all occasions. Invest in a good material and shape that accentuates your body shape.
    • Buy blouses in neutral tones like white, beige or cream and make sure the blouse is well fitted. They can be worn with trouser pants, jeans and skirts.
    • Get a pair of dark skinny jeans, which can change your life. Prefer ones that are not ripped.
  2. Rise in stylish shoes: Whether high heeled or flat invest in shoes that are stylish to polish your looks. Trainers, flip-flops, or heavy boots don’t go hand-in-hand with this style so avoid them at all costs.
  3. Invest in cashmere sweaters: A good cashmere sweater looks luxurious, warms you up in cold days and stylish whatever the fashion trend is.
  4. Alter your clothes: Whatever you do, find a good tailor and get your clothes fitted. A well fitted coat and blazer makes all the difference from looking tacky to chic.
  5. Use accessories: Focus on a few well-chosen, good quality accessories to pull an outfit together and provide an individual look.


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