Travelling Alone

The guru said ‘You must reinvent yourself!‘. Ok, ok, I didn’t ask a guru or get a fortune cookie for such a statement to be told but you know it is very common in movies and books to reinvent yourself and finding happiness in yourself. It is a stepping stone to better understand yourself and help reach your life goals. It is usually an unguided and mysterious path probably different than others but yet similar. I thought what is better than travelling alone to discover yourself?

Travelling alone is a liberating experience, which comes with its advantages and drawbacks. It forces you to depend on yourself, be alert at all times in unknown territory (it is both scary and exhilarating) and get creative when an unexpected problems arises. You make new friends or call distant ones to avoid loneliness and get to know a different side of yourself. You are the decision maker, if you wanna go to a small cafe on the other side of the city, you can go without having to persuade other travel companions (which takes too much time and effort generally). You will also have a lot of time to think and self-reflect which you cannot do since you are always preoccupied with something or someone.

However it can be frustrating too. The costs add up as you cannot split it for hostels, cabs, meals. On rough travel days when you are feeling sick or very tired, you cannot depend on someone else to get you to the right place or find a good place to eat. The most striking one for me is not being able to share your travel experiences with someone else. When you travel solo, you miss a part of something that enables you to share the-spur-of-the-moment laughs, views etc with someone who has similar tastes and experience as you.

I travelled alone to business trips and recently took a trip alone to another city. It was fun. I arranged my time and plan as I like, yet missed sharing the moments like sunsets and wedding dances with my husband. I yet find it exhilarating and dreaming on travelling alone to a different country. What are your thoughts? Will you travel alone?

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  1. Yes i do like travel alone! i am doing last 30 years…

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