Waiting Gilmore Girls

My timer says it is left less than a week till Gilmore Girls reappears in our screens! I don’t think I was this excited waiting for a series ever!

What to do while you wait the new 4-part series to kick off? Here is my list for the best waiting and getting ready tips:

  • If you haven’t watched the previous seasons already, I urge you to cancel your weekend plans and get down to watching them.
  • As we have limited time left, I highly recommend re-watching the following episodes before revival:
    • 1×09 The famous Rory and Dean dance which will warm your heart
    • 2×10 The Bracebridge Dinner where all quirky town characters come together
    • 3×07 Charity danceathon where things get complicated yet scenes are beautiful
    • 4×22 This season finale which takes everything up a notch, with good and bad decisions for the girls
    • 5×13 The list cannot be complete without Richard and Emily, in which they take vows and Rory and Lorelai are strangled in love
    • 6×08 For team Jess, this episode is a must watch. Also Lorelai gets a dog and we must see it one more time before the revival.
    • 7×22 Bon Voyage to the previous seasons and waiting where things have left off
  • Also there is a big debate whether Rory has ended up with one of her old love interests: Dean, Jess or Logan. You can see how Stars Hollow people weighs in on the debate:

  • Check out this Stars Hollow Website which gives you access to all the latest updates about Town Hall Meetings, Festivals and clean up info for Rory’s party.
  • Throw a Gilmore Girls party! Here are some tips to how to throw a Gilmore party!
  • Watch these hilarious trailers to get a sneak peek and get more excited of what is there to come:


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