2017 Goals: Biking Accomplished

There is nothing like being too old to learn some things in life. It can be harder, more stressful blah blah but also it can be more thrilling and funnier. You can make mistakes children do and laugh like a child, which is the most pure joy in the world.

For my 2017 goals I had a couple set in my mind and one of them was to learn biking. I didn’t get the chance to learn biking as a child or a teen. Whenever we went somewhere that rents bikes for sightseeing and exploring around, we couldn’t do it because of me. Even once I tried to ride 4 wheels ones, that are heavier and much slower to explore which is no fun. Since me and my husband are moving to a bike friendly city (I will talk about this more in a later post), we have decided that it is time for me to learn it once and for all.

I have some news for you guys, children are braver than us! The difference between teaching biking to an adult and to a child is that former are more scared of falling and hurting themselves. Children try, fall down, step up and try again. Adults just stop trying if they are hurt. So I purchased all the equipment that can prevent serious injuries, put on my long sleeved T’s and pants in the middle of the summer and gave it a go. I tried lots of balance moves at first, since this was what we have watched on Youtube to learn biking. (You can find the videos we watched to learn biking below if you are interested.) It is really hard to stay on balance with your feet up and hanging.

There were many frustrating moments and many aches in my muscles (those butt muscles you thought you practised in pilates sessions will hurt like crazy) I practiced 4 rounds of 15 minutes for 2 days. I tried over and over, every time I lost my balance and I fell one side. But finally ….. mark the dates, it is done. I did it. I can bike!!!

I cried from joy and laughed at the same time like a crazy person – or a child 🙂

I can bike and that’s it.

2017, in your face! I did it!

Here are the videos I mentioned and a little advice:

Don’t let people make you feel like biking is easy and you are clumsy, because it is not a thing you can do before you have successfully done it once before. Be patient and bare all because once you learn it, you cannot unlearn it. Keep trying and pedalling.


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