Parisien Chic

One style I am very excited is Parisian chic. You may have heard people say ‘She has a certain je ne sais quoi about her’ ¬†That describes Parisian girl style perfectly. Effortless yet stylish and charming style that people can’t stop attempting to emulate. If I have to break down this style I would think […]

Fall Style

Sometimes, getting dressed can be a challenge. Whether you have a enormous¬†closet or a capsule wardrobe¬†approach to dressing, we all occasionally get frustrated. The truth is building the perfect fall outfits¬†has less to do with having the right items but more to do with how to put them together. We all have stuff sitting in […]

My Take On Jewellery

I traditionally do a closet cleaning¬†at the beginning of each season to help keep my wardrobe tidy¬†and ensure I’m wearing everything I own. ¬†But, I realized that I hadn’t done the same with my jewelry box. So, I recently went through and carefully sorted out the pieces I haven’t been wearing to pare down my […]

Shopping Muse

Have you ever had this resistance to shopping? I¬†am not talking about writer’s block. I am talking about the time when you did not want to buy anything. Why? Why does somebody not want to buy something considering they have a credit card available at hand,¬†right?! This started happening to me more and more. Maybe […]


Some trends stay forever and some tend to lose its brightness really quick. One trend that stays within my closet for years is stripes. I reach over and over again for stripes. My brother asked me the difference between two black and white stripe T-shirts and you know what there is always an explanation. “One‚Äôs […]